Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Blue!

:) Great photo of the infinity pool in the last post sweetie. Yes, a mixed drink would be great with a view. In the interim, maybe a bit of this to quench our hopes of anticipating

Fiji... one day!

A few weeks ago I picked up a "one hundred places to see before you kick the bucket" magazine. Like the images Melissa posted, and the ones featured in the magazine, options seem endless. We really can't go wrong wherever we are, although sharing unique experience(s) in the unbelievable world we live in would be icing on the cake. Can you imagine a cluster of islands looking like this!?

"Nintendo, Wii had a problem!"

Last night we attempted to sync the Nintendo Wii to connect with WiFi. Many benefits come with having the Wii cruising on the internet, one of which includes NetFlix streaming straight through the television. After many error codes, it seems to be working as Melissa is unwinding in front of the tv right now.

These are our Wii characters Missy and Dilly. When there's downtime (and there's not too much) this is one of the ways we fill it...

Notice the blue water in the background!

In addendum to Melissa's entry: Apparently sweetie missed the fact that there is no way way I am serving her booze in the infinity pool.

Clearly I am serving a mean spin on our game of ping pong with blue water in the background. Hopefully this will suffice in the meantime! That and the Champagne bottle she seemed to have missed next to the pillar. :)

Challenges to ping pong are welcome.

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