Friday, June 25, 2010

i love this man

First Picture to Grace My New Camera. 

location, location, location

Although Dave and I are still in the flittering stages of newly-engaged, where we half want to plan a wedding and half want to dream big. It is fun. Step 1 is choose a date and location. We are in pre-step 1. Montauk was the first location that we checked out, and even though we found heaven in a backyard, the person who owns the place has fallen a bit off of our radar.

Next place up is in Connecticut: Angevine Farm (photo above). Who knows how I found the place, but it looks beautiful. 200 or so acres. We both can't wait to see it in person some time over the next two weeks. We'll keep you posted. 

Tonight we drive to Ithaca for a wedding I am photographing tomorrow. Weekend of wonder ahead! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wow.... wow.... woooooowwwwwwww!!!!!

I love this woman

Melissa and I had a sweet afternoon this past Sunday treating pop'n-fresh to some good old photography...

Old photography...

Old school landscape photography. And Wegman. Not the good one with the hot chewy pretzel bread. Gigantic polaroid cameras with huge gigantic buttons Wegman.

At any rate, this is photograph of either of my parent's shoes and Melissa looking around the gallery. Odd, I know

party down

Great photograph courtesy Louisa!

My brother Matthew and my sister-in-law Louisa were married in late April 2008. Every year they celebrate their close-but-not-quite birthdays on the same evening to share with friends, family and good 'ole Karaoke.

Smooth singing (courtesy Melissa) and chorus by Dave: "Fuck her Gently"

Nastiness provided by Dave: "Nasty Boy"

Matt and Melissa "It's not unusual"

And many, many more....

Had a great time

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunny day

The other day I was dying to get some sun. I love sunny days, which I hope we see plenty of in Myrtle beach (very much looking forward to it).

This photo was taken with my phone outside of work. Melissa was on her way back from work in NYC where apparently it was raing NYC. So, I sent a few rays of light her way with this pic.


Both Melissa and I have been very busy with work. Melissa's been commuting to the city, which round trip is nearly 3.5 hours +/-, so the work day is very long.

I'd like to bike a bit more, although on my most recent trek last week I found this turtle on the path which was great. It reminded me of a turtle which frequented our pond growing up. This thing was huge. Maybe 10 pounds. I don't know. Could lose a finger to one of these

Slow and steady wins the race, which is seemingly very appropriate given the recent events of both of us working full time jobs in over the course of the last few weeks.