Our Pets

We have two little pookies constantly fighting for rays of sunlight and scrambling around the house to jump on the other one. Their names are Beasley and Olie. They are super cute but super needy. Beasley the dog constantly needs to be curled up next to someone and Olie constantly needs to be rubbed and kissed on his smush-nose. The two are quite a pair, and they complete us.

Neither Beasley or Olie will be making appearances at our wedding, so it feels right to show off their fantastic furriness on our blog. Aren't they cute?

Beasley's favorite past-time: Creating a nest out of blankets and circling around them until she finds a good landing spot to burrow into. That, and pulling all of the magnets off our refrigerator and destroying them (she has also been known to destroy shoes, socks, water bottles, and pillows).

Olie's favorite thing past-time: Waking us up in the morning by climbing on our chests and yelling in unison with the alarm clock. That, and climbing on our chests and yelling at us just for fun. Everyone who has met Olie has marvelled at how "vocal" he is, and honestly, I don't know if another cat like him, with his human-like personality, actually exists in the world.