Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Goodies

We had an awesome weekend.

A few ideas.... Thinking about Checkered place mats:

Melissa found this pretty lace

Which apparently also smelled "D'lish" **

Look at that smile!

Sweet pouches to go with the placemats. Need to find them online though, these were too many different sizes.

** Bad joke about a new food network show: We may be on TV on August 18th, we'll be 'Noy'd if we don't get on.... Nasty food for nothing. Food network, 24 hour restaurant battle in Brooklyn. Kings County although the food was fit for one of these little buggards.

On the way out of CT we stopped at another produce farm with a small storefront for water. This one above tried following us in!

So it's Monday, sure am looking back at the weekend, but very much looking forward to every one coming up.

Antiques CT

After visiting the Angevine farm on the 11th, we decided to go exploring the area in and around Kent and Litchfield a bit more.

This past Sunday, Melissa and I packed into the car for a day trip back to Connecticut. With no specific destination, we went to a few antique markets with the possibility of sparking ideas for wedding decor on a local level among other interesting things...

I caught Melissa off-guard a bit when my jaw dropped looking at this thing photographed below. Mermaid doesn't leave much to the imagination. Kinda looks like a figurehead from an old ship. I say pirate ship. Probably not though. Funny because we were just talking about crows nest, a location at Montauk we had considered, and of course, we met at a Pirate Karaoke joint.

We both liked how comfortable this couch was. It was sitting a bit lonely in one of the flea markets we went to, so we joined it for some downtime and sat on its face.

Unlike the figurehead, the couch was important as it reiterated our shared sentiment that the Wedding be casual and comfortable, perhaps even featuring a relaxing nook for people to sit and hang out.

We currently have a big folding table semi-established in the vestibule. Melissa picked out a really cute picnic cloth at a garage sale to place over it which looks great. Melissa currently has her typewriter on it, although this below may be a viable solution with some modification to length. Utility and space is everything right now. At our apartment here in Scarsdale, we're using the walls and going vertical as much as possible. With consideration of many wedding items to be on hold until next year, it's important we think of solutions on short space. This is kinda sweet because it has a few mail slots to organize.

This was a start to our journey toward CT. We have love, we enjoy intrigue, we found comfort, and considering utility helps too.

I just realized it's about time to take some photographs of the apartment here. It's our nest and we'd love to share it soon.