Monday, April 26, 2010

psychology of adventure

As previously mentioned by Dave, on our road trip way to Montauk, we made an odd bathroom stop. In hopes that there would be some kind of a familiar stop after making the turn into an exit, we were frighteningly aware that we had turned into what appeared to be a severely dilapidated and abandoned psych ward. 

Dave and I, having the love for adventure and suspense, decided to park the car and take a look around. Although I did not catch it in time there was a human-like cat perched on this pile of debris at one point.

The lot was huge, stretching in abandonment for what seemed like miles. Doors creaked and animals squeaked: it felt wrong to be taking an afternoon stroll at this place. 

After taking photos and exchanging feelings of eeriness, we sped out of there and were back on route to Montauk, which had a much sunnier disposition in comparison. But what makes me eager to share the photos and the story is how much I love that Dave gets the same thrill as I do from peering in awe at something in ruins, as much as he gets a thrill out of peering out at something as beautifully alive as the ocean water (just as I do). We are ever curious, and I am happy to report that we have a life of adventure ahead of us. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Montauk Houses

One of the ideas Melissa and I had been toying with was the idea of having a main house for gathering during the wedding, ceremony and or reception.

We took a look at three locations which were of interest, all of which we found online and arranged for viewing.

The first house was a quaint little 3 bedroom about a 3 minute walk from the beach. Although we had an appointment to view with the "groundskeeper," he was nowhere to be found. Perhaps this had something to do with the owner stating he was a private detective? I don't know, but the key was not under the mat, and doors were locked. Sketchy! But a really nice location, and certainly just about the space we were looking for.

Next on the agenda was house number two. Not particularly close to the water, but a bit more space, a pool in the back and a sizable yard in both front and back. Unfortunately this meeting arrangement was not met by the owner or his groundskeeper, and we did find the back door had been forcibly opened at some point in time. Needless to say, we didn't stick around for long.

The third and final house has yet to have images posted. The important thing is that each location we looked at, one was better than the next. The final one being the most 'us' and interesting. Plus, the owner was on site to show us location. Just right.

Pond Sticks and Paper Clips

Feel a bit weird bouncing back into the Montauk Posts after that. It warms my heart to know you're sitting across from me right now Melissa, and I love the post.

There was one place I neglected to make note of which gave both of us the chills during the drive out: An old psychiatric ward in Long Island which we passed on a bathroom break. I will wait to post so it's not adjacent to the post below or perhaps have Melissa fill in details if interested. I think she has much better images than I.

Seems a new term has been coined out in Montauk which we got a kick out of: "Pond Sticks" (Courtesy Melissa)

This is an photo Melissa actually took with the point-and-shoot outside of Harvest - a nice restaurant on the water.

We also went out to Crow's nest, where apparently a Sex and the City star had their reception.

Long story short, although Mario was super nice and there was a huge pirate ship out front (we met at a pirate karaoke joint), it was a bit unexpected to see cut-outs from 1980's wedding magazines showing pan seared scallops and veggies, but be told we would have hot dogs and watermelon :) I'm fair game with almost anything, she's the right woman!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the engagement ring

A couple of people have asked me recently to send them a photo of my engagement ring, so I thought "the camera and the rug" would do it justice.

The linen is nice too, huh? Dave and I picked up the vintage-style tablecloth (among others) at a garage sale filled with pottery, 1960s gems, and a scorned woman who was just dying to get her past hauled out of that garage.

And the ring is somewhat antique, though maybe from the '80s? No matter what era or who's hand it was on before, I wear it now with admiration and love. I could have never dreamed of a more perfect fit: ring size and more importantly, the man.

Here's my ring basking in the sun, similar to what our dog and cat do all day long:

Friday, April 16, 2010

FlufferNutter the Gurney's Cat

We stayed in Gurney's Inn in Montauk, which was pleasant and comfortable for the most part.

Upon arrival, Melissa made a new friend really quick: "Fluffernutter"

It was cold when we visited. Enough so that we could not stand in the water for longer than 20 seconds.

As cold as the water were the blistering winds and gusts which rolled off the ocean. Gurney's faces the Atlantic, on the outer coast of Montauk. Fluffernutter had it rough: Diving in, out, and around the walkways flanking the hotel. Catching sun whenever possible. Without a doubt, a survivor receiving little attention from anyone.

Fluffernutter seemed to be pregnant. She loved Melissa, and wanted to follow her everywhere.

Melissa's level of compassion is amazing. And yes, I almost wish Fluffernutter could have stayed with us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arrival in Montauk

We made one stop on the road trip to Montauk, which Melissa may fill in on. It has to do with a bathroom break, a scary cat...

On the final leg of the journey to the tip, we made 4 stops. The first was an old barn with antiques. Second stop was more of a turn-around drive-by to check out an old Mini-Cooper which caught both our eyes. Cute little red thing.

Third stop was a yard sale. Had a great time hanging out in both sun and shade, enjoying 3 different home sales all combined into one. Melissa grabbed a pair of boots, a hat and a bag all for $12. Not a bad deal! I got an old projector and washboard.

Of course the final stop was a rug store, where we got held up for almost a 2 hours listening to two crazy rug guys chat it up.

Finally arrived at Gurney's whereby we promptly checked into the room, took our shoes off and walked out onto the beach.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drive to Montauk

Melissa and I took a ride to Montauk for scouting a wedding location.

We're both really used to going on long drives, so we've got the whole posing-while-operating-a-motor-vehicle thing down pat.

I did one of these:

And Melissa did one of those:

Somehow it got to this:

So we had to do this:

And leave it on that......

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Cute cropping, she loved the cover... After framing we realized it's dated Melissa's b-day. New Yorker Magazine, April 30, 1966

Sunday, April 4, 2010

field of flowers

Life is grand in the "Fried Dil" residence, as we trek on lightly planning out spring 2011 wedding. I am listening to musicians and getting psyched about having funky live music. But maybe it is too soon to be booking music considering we don't know where to tell them to go to yet? 

A lot of people make a big deal about flowers, but we are simple folk. We like pretty colors and not a lot of hustle and bustle. So we will most likely be using flowers grown on a spring bush in the back of Dave's mother's house: they are called Forsythia. 

Sunflowers are our main pick as well. Yellow and red seem to call to us. We also went to a garage sale the other day and picked up a bunch of tablecloths and linens. Although this planning process has a lot of dimensions to it, it is indeed fun. 

We wish a Happy Easter to everyone.


On Monday night Melissa and I took a ride down to the city to see Zooey Deschanel perform at the Bowery Ballroom as She & Him.

Beasley also had a Ballroom situation with her dress on below.

Both Melissa and I have thoroughly decided picnics are the way to go when it comes to Wedding theme.

Jeepers! Did you see the price on that thing above?

Even if the baskets come in small sizes.

Those little buggards above average about $1 a piece.

We've done a lot of thinking on destinations for our wedding, and have come upon a few thoughts which we hope come to fruition and will share in the next few weeks.

It's amazing how much goes into the planning process, although the thoughts, ideas and experiences are all something we're both very much looking forward to.

Melissa is working had at two jobs right now, and I've been busy tooling with a few ideas on how to scrape by. Here's the O meister on a few newer acquisitions in hopes to resell for some cushion.

Looking forward to hanging out with family for this Easter Sunday.