Wednesday, March 31, 2010

shadows & hearts

Dave, my other half, all weaved up with love, may be at the computer across the room scratching his head at what to write on our new blog, considering I've done enough "wedding chattering" already for the both of us. But while I dream of the honeymoon on a secluded beach far far away, the perfect vintage 50s inspired dress, and how we are going to make our own everything, I am faced with the realization that we have a lot of other stuff to dream up.

Before our brains begin to buzz with whether or not we hire caterers or how to have live music on a seriously stale toast budget, we do have this creative, and yes, somewhat creepy, photo project to share. These may not be your typical "engagement portraits", but as a photographer, in the world of me and the rug man, I want us to do anything but typical. More to come of our adventures.

The blog begins

For those of you who have this URL, you must be very close to our hearts and we love you dearly. We welcome you with open arms to our lives and blog: Dave and Melissa [unfiltered] on "The Camera and the Rug"

An evening last week we both sat down for friendly head-to-head competition as to what our banner would be.

Melissa devised this stupendous rendering below:

I came up with this combination of black and white tiled Scrabble board:

Despite how proud I am of my Scrabble rendering, as you can clearly see, it is not on the top of this blog.

It's okay.

You may also have noticed the tiles really don't add up to many points.

In all honesty, I'm really not sure what the hell I was thinking when designing this logo. It wouldn't look half bad if we were making a music video for MTV in the 80's.

As unusual of an introduction this may be, we're both very happy to have you here to share and celebrate our lives with friends and family. Perhaps every once in a while, we may mention YOU!

Let the shenanigans begin...

Photo Courtesy Angelica's Facebook and tagging schemes, "A room for Squares."