Tuesday, September 28, 2010

cam + rug blog evolution!

Keep checking the camera + the rug site for updates/information about our Warren, CT wedding. Save the Dates and invitations will be coming soon, but for all of the information, you're in the right place!

Be sure to check out our newly posted "How We Met" Section, with more updates to come!

I love you Dave, and I love you all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

dreaming of...

peonies, peppermints, and marrying my sweetheart.

you know how sometimes you are at work, and you have the brightest of ideas?

well, i just thought: how lovely would it be to have peppermint incorporated in our cake somehow? I love peppermint, but more than anything i love the way it looks. The lovely red and white swirls...

and peonies are just plain pretty. i think i will definitely like to include them in our wedding.

and while trying to find a good peppermint photo, i found this: (looks like my grandparents' crazy dog "Tux" - made me laugh).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

angevine farm

Like the new camera and the rug layout? We do. The new banner and the lovely photograph where it came from (shown below) is courtesy of Dennis Dilmaghani, father of Dave. I must admit that I am guilty of editing his wonderful picture into one colored with how I kind of picture our wedding day. Antique, serene, simple, and sweet. No matter how one edits or doesn't edit the picture of that view, however, it is always going to look beautiful. The patch of land shown in the picture is most likely where our ceremony will be. Hope you enjoy picturing it as much as I do.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

pretty dresses + pretty love

It is official - we have settled on a date.


It is very exciting, and every little detail to get started, is falling into the right place!

After having found the dress of my dreams with my best friend and bridesmaid, Angelica, I decided to go back a second time with my wonderful future mother-in-law to make sure I wasn't crazy. Turns out I am not crazy. She loves the dress too, even with it just being a design + not the dress made to fit my body. Now, being as unique and special as it is, it has to be made by the dear Kelima K. First fitting is January, and then I am on my way to wearing a beautiful gown on my walk down the aisle towards a beautiful man.

(Best part of the dress = it reminds me of the film that my mom had me watching all of the time when I was a kid called "Somewhere in Time". I looked up costumes from the movie, and realized the image below was an actual scene that the dress specifically conjured up for me. Sleeves aren't as long though!)

Next on the agenda is to send out our save the dates. Since our wedding is going to be a picnic/farm/intimate affair, we are hoping to create an invitation set that speaks to the more casual and fun-loving theme. The inspiration below.

In other planning news, we are also looking at photographers, with our heart set on Jagger Photography, as well as hotel bookings, catering, and music. So many darn things to think about! But we can promise that there will be lots of fun to be had! Can't wait....

Have any ideas? Send them our way!