Thursday, November 25, 2010

burlap and tea cups, oh my!

With the approaching holiday season mixed with work mixed with our part-time self-employment to boot, it is certainly challenging to still fit in wedding thoughts and to-do lists, but we most certainly manage to do it. Approaching 5 months away (holy cow!), we are truly trying to make planning + research make its way to finalized + set. Save the Dates will be arriving in your mailboxes soon, and a nice big block of rooms is being worked on for The Litchfield Inn, only 10 or so miles from the wedding location.

Unable to help myself from constantly thinking of the pretty + girly elements of planning our wedding, I just want to share my new-found love for everything burlap and some old photos that Dave and I took at an antique store that was filled with treasures.

Photograph From Ruffled
First, the burlap. We have put a lot of effort into thinking up how to dress the dining tables, and I recently saw an image I liked and realized that it was burlap that I was falling for. For more delectable burlap photos, check out this post on Ruffled: Burlap + Vintage Tablescapes

Beyond Burlap, we see picnic from a vintage viewpoint. Old rusty bikes, rustic baskets, (burlap), you get the picture. And I know for myself, that I see tea cups. I can't quite explain it, but perhaps what is truly fueling my drive to have entirely antique/unique tea cups and mugs set out for everyone with dessert is because I just never did have a genuine tea party with anyone when I was a child! I always played tea party with dolls, but I think I secretly wanted one with real live human beings. Also, I think I was in a play once where tea was at the core of the drama, and I remember really enjoying feeling a part of a Victorian era, even if was only for a Girl Scouts theatrical production.

So, in comes tea cups. I want so many of them that I think it will make your head spin. What will we do with them after we use them for our wedding, you may ask? Well, I guess the only answer to that is year-long tea parties. You are all invited, of course.

Some other fun ideas we have had are for the gifts for all of our wonderful guests, but I don't want to give too much away about where our ideas have lead us. I will say this: I have bought some lovely picnic ribbon, and I am not afraid to use it. Our antique shopping inspiration for gifts:

Ah, so that is all for today. Happy Thanksgiving to all!