Friday, February 18, 2011

engagement portraits by josh snyder

Last week, Dave and I flew out to Arizona to hang out with my Aunt Francie, Uncle Chris, and Cousin Garrett. The trip was beyond words, getting to see Francie + Chris' 43 acres of beautiful land and the incredible cabin that they had built upon it and getting see Garrett present us with a fire light show. Many a photograph and video are to come. A couple of photos you can see on my photography blog.

Fully in love with Arizona sunshine and landscapes, Dave and I lucked out with having our wedding photographer out there as well. Yes, we are flying him in from AZ, and we can't wait to have him be a part of our big day. During the trip, we had our engagement portrait session with Josh Snyder (our photographer) and here are a few of the photographs from the session:

And check out the hilarious video out on my aunt and uncle's property (hope you can handle it!)

Stay tuned for our photographs and more video from Arizona!

DIY envelope liner

Now that our save the dates have all been received, I feel like it is okay to post photos taken a while ago of them. While we loved our save the dates, we were ever so proud of the envelope liner that we made ourselves.

It was super easy -- we just bought 2 different kinds of scrapbook paper that we liked, made a traceable piece on cardstock (making the liner about 1 inch smaller than the envelope so that it just scoops right inside) and used the tracing pattern to cut all of the scrapbook paper. Then we just glued. And we had such fun doing it! Dave and I are all about the little projects.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Myrtle Beach

First summer in Myrtle Beach '10. Here's a small preview of photos post editing

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Abstract Annex Activity

Before launching into more relevant posts and photographs I wanted to share a few images that I took while melissa and I were hanging out in our work station.

They may seem random, although these were created using a small lens taken out of a vintage 16mm film projector we picked up at a garage sale while visiting montauk as a location for our wedding.