Friday, February 18, 2011

engagement portraits by josh snyder

Last week, Dave and I flew out to Arizona to hang out with my Aunt Francie, Uncle Chris, and Cousin Garrett. The trip was beyond words, getting to see Francie + Chris' 43 acres of beautiful land and the incredible cabin that they had built upon it and getting see Garrett present us with a fire light show. Many a photograph and video are to come. A couple of photos you can see on my photography blog.

Fully in love with Arizona sunshine and landscapes, Dave and I lucked out with having our wedding photographer out there as well. Yes, we are flying him in from AZ, and we can't wait to have him be a part of our big day. During the trip, we had our engagement portrait session with Josh Snyder (our photographer) and here are a few of the photographs from the session:

And check out the hilarious video out on my aunt and uncle's property (hope you can handle it!)

Stay tuned for our photographs and more video from Arizona!

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  1. Post some pictures from your Arizona trip of you and Dave!