Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dreaming of sandy beaches + blue lagoons

I am in disbelief of how much Dave and I have accomplished in recent weeks (wedding and non-wedding related). In terms of wedding, we have:

1. ordered our beautiful save the dates - coming soon to a mailbox near you.
2. met with a caterer that we are excited to potentially work with.
3. met with a furniture rental company that has super pretty linens + will meet with us again in December to re-configure everything that we are getting.
4. finalized our hotel arrangements for the wedding weekend + started a list of hotels for you all to consider (check it: http://thecameraandtherug.blogspot.com/p/travel-lodging.html)
5. researched bands
6. researched honeymoon spots
7. set an appointment with the owner of the farm + the woman who will be marrying us, Kathy, to go over our vows and use of the location.
8. sent off a design to a rug-maker for our ultra unique + quirky rug aisle for me to walk down.

In terms of non-wedding things that we have been up to, somehow finding the time amidst it all, is that we both photographed a wedding this past weekend, which was the first time Dave shot with me, and it was an absolute blast! We have both been working full-time, watching tons of episodes of "The Wire" (best show ever), coming up with new business ventures, taking care of our cat and dog, and trying to find time to relax!!

It is easy to imagine that on this Fall day, filled with so much on my mind, so much keeping busy and simply keeping up with it all, I cannot stop dreaming of the lagoons that hopefully await us come post-wedding weeks. Dream with me here. Our top-dog place of interest, that may have to wait until "one day, one day" is Fiji.


Next on our list is an India + Maldives trip. This one would really be cool, because we have both always wanted to travel to India and Maldives seems absolutely incredible.


And of course there are closer to home beeeeeeautiful options, my personal favorite so far of St. Lucia and Dave's pick of Tobago. I am a sucker for greenery near blue open waters, and Dave is a sucker for palm trees. I think we will win no matter where we head to.



 I have also always wanted to be in an infinity pool. It is a serious dream of mine that I cannot wait to have realized. This could be me (with Dave fixing the drinks in our villa):

Alas, much more planning to go before we take that wonderful honeymoon trip, and honestly, I would be satisfied going an hour away to get some chili dogs for a honeymoon, as long as I have Dave by my side!

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