Friday, October 1, 2010

dance floors + rental delights

Dave and I have quite the adventure coming our way tomorrow: we are going to visit a Party Rental company in Connecticut, to take a look at all of their chairs, tables, cool cloths, and dance floors etc. Not to mention Kathy of our Angevine Farm is allowing us to stop by to see her son's set-up! That is right, her son is getting married on the farm tomorrow, and we have been invited to take a look. Could this be more precious of an experience? We think not.

After Angevine (pronounced An-jih-Vine), we are off to Queens NY, where we will be meeting with a sweet + French invitation designer by the name of Claude. We might even attempt to pull off a meeting with a caterer somewhere in there, but there is never enough time, and we need to make sure to have fun with it all!

I leave you now with a very simple question. Which dance floor set up would you like your feet to boogie on? Black and white checkers, or something simple like white with black border? Or do you not mind either way - and would party on a grass rug for all you care? With an attempt to make this interactive, feel free to comment on the blog, or let me know outside of C+R.


1 comment:

  1. Checkers! ... but really it's most important what you find most interesting. p.s. I love your peppermint idea.